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Deidre Noyes is a full member of the National association of Counsellors, hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists (NACHP) which has been in existence since 1977, and is one of the oldest therapy accreditation bodies in the UK. Full membership of this body is awarded only to clinicians who have either passed the NACHP’s entrance examination or have otherwise satisfied the board as to their expertise and qualifications to practice. Full members are entitled to use the letters MNACHP after their name. All NACHP members are expected to keep up to date with latest knowledge and respond to changing circumstances in their profession. They are bound by teh NACHP ‘s codes of conduct and ethics, and all carry full indemnity insurance.

Following an initial interview Deidre will inform you of the likely number of sessions needed, the cost and other relevant information as early as possible in the course of treatment. The course of treatments should be designed to achieve the desired outcome in the smallest number of sessions possible. The premises where the treatment takes place is comfortable and private, with no opportunity for the sessions t be overheard or disturbed unnecessarily.

Deidre is sensitive to your beliefs, ethnic race/origins and will not ask intrusive questions unless there is a clear and justifiable need to do so. She will respect the rules of confidentiality and demonstrate integrity in her dealings with you. All your details, the nature of the problem, the therapy given and your identity will all remain confidential between Deidre and the client.

Hypnotherapy is simply the use of hypnosis as a psychotherapy tool. On its own, hypnosis is a very pleasant and relaxing experience. In this pleasant and relaxed state Deidre is able to suggest areas of beneficial change. The hypnotic state enables unconscious processing of ideas and acceptance of change much faster than is usually possible in a fully conscious state.