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Dear Borut, This is just a short note to say Thank You for all your help. You don’t know how much my skin clearing up, and stomach pains all gone means to me. I can not thank you enough for my happiness with the change in me. My stomach problems caused a lot of stress on my family due to worry and many other people’s happiness. Thank you so much again.
T.C.L. Bucks

Dear Borut, I would like to thank you very much for suggesting that I take up a seven day fasting cleanse. It is definitely one of the most important decisions I’ve made as regards my health, and I found it much easier to do than I imagined, for any unpleasantness was very minimal. I fell better and better with each passing day – and still do! I would recommend this course of treatment highly, and for your help and guidance I will be forever grateful.
M.F. London

Dear Borut, First of all, thank you for tour treatments and for all the good they have done me! After the first irrigation I already felt lighter and more clear-headed. During the first cleanse, however, (8 days), I felt lighter and stronger by the day, and also as if my whole body were becoming gradually filled with light and clarity. I used to have joint and ligament problems – they become inflamed very easily after dancing (flamenco) or running, – but these cleared up during the cleanse and have never returned to the same extent. I felt so well and full of energy that I didn’t want to start eating again!

The second cleanse lasted 10 days, and the only reason I stopped was financial, as I have never felt as well as I did during it. There were a few healing crises, but they were very brief, never more than two hours. Apart from that, I felt as light as air, but at the same time full of strength, and as you know, I used to run over Woodford golf course just as an outlet for all that strength and energy. Although I did get out of breath, I only had to rest for a few seconds to recover, and never felt physically tired. My dance has also changed due to the increased energy and the feeling of sheer physical exhilaration that I have had since the treatments. Thank you! I can’t recommend this treatment highly enough, – and will certainly be coming back for another cleanse as soon as possible!
M.C. Essex

Dear Borut. Although I have only had treatment for 1 week, I feel so much more alive and full of energy. I am also more aware of what I am putting inside my body and not just eating for the sake of it. I hope to do a full 7 day cleanse to wash out Candida (a.s.a.p.)

Dear Borut, Just a few lines to say thank-you for everything you have done. I am feeling very fit and healthy. I have always felt quite fit. But I am extremely fitter since having the eight days colon irrigation combined with fast. I highly recommend you to all my friends. I really have faith in your work. You are very kind and thorough in all you do. I will be booking my next appointment in March.
J.A.B. London

Dear Borut, Hope you are keeping well. I am feeling well after my eight day fast and cleanse. Since coming to you, my headaches have diminished, and I feel much fitter. The books you kindly lent me whilst in your waiting room were very interesting, also all the leaflets you gave me about the colon were too. I have put these in a file at home, so any family or friends interested, can read them. I most certainly recommend that they come to see you for colon irrigation, as you are the best (No. 1.) You put so much effort, and concentration into your work, I think you are a credit to your profession. Many Thanks
C.P.C Essex

Dear Borut, My mother and I would like to convey our thanks to you for enabling us to feel so well after our 7 day fast and colonic therapy. It is already one month since we saw you and the feeling of the well-being has continued. The food processor is doing a full-time job with our fruit and veg diet.
B. & T.G. Milton Keynes

Dear Borut. This is just a short little note to say THANK-YOU for making me feel so good and well. Going to you is like going to a different kind of beauty treatment. I feel good from the inside and it shows on the outside. It is not only me who has noticed but those around me too.

Dear Borut, I am writing to thank you for all that you have done for me – the treatment and your caring and gentle inspiration and friendship. It’s good to know that you are still there at the end of the phone if I need some help and encouragement. Generally I feel so much better in myself. I don’t need to take the pain killers much, and the lumps are getting smaller. My life has now taken a turn for the better, so I am much happier and because of this feel much more positive. Thank you again for your part in all this. With Love,

Dear Borut, Firstly I am writing to tell you thank you very much for looking after me so well during my 7 day cleanse. I would like you to use this letter to help others. I was unsure whether I could go for one week with no food, but your kind reassuring ways encouraged me very much. Your knowledge of the body, and how and when to take supplements really impressed me. I have been in the physical culture business for twenty years, and always like to keep an open mind to alternative health. I deal with many people, and see many, many people at their wits end, they go to their doctor for one complaint or another, and only too often get sent away, with either another course of antibiotics, or an unsatisfactory answer. I know doctors don’t have too much time, but if only they would keep an open mind to alternative health. I know my own doctor gave me very unsatisfactory excuses when I told him I was going to try colonics. Yet he had given me seven courses of antibiotics for bronchitis. As you know I eventually had my blood tested by another doctor who found out I have a virus, and that I must build my immune system back up. The antibiotics had run my system down, apart from giving me thrush and candida. After visiting you, and explaining to me how colonics help to rid the body of toxins, I thought it was the right road to take. I found not eating was no problem, because I knew I was going to feel much better. I feel like going to my doctor and showing him how I look. I feel 100% better, my skin looks great, and now I will adjust my diet, I am sure in my own mind I won’t be getting bronchitis, well maybe, but not seven times in one year. I wish doctors would listen more, after all, my doctor didn’t believe in B6 for P.M.T. ten years ago, and now he recommends it. Thank you for all your help, see you soon.

Dear Borut, How can I ever thank you enough for your help. Colonics have been the only breakthrough of my illness (M.E.) Along with taking juices it is the most wonderful experience, its like I’ve been born again after being ill for such a long time. Everything finally seems to be coming together slowly again for me. I know I have a long way to go, and further colonics before my colon gets back to some kind of normality, but I feel now I have the courage and strength to carry on which I never had before and its all thanks to you!! You have such a fine knowledge about food and nutrition it puts Doctors to shame, You’ve taught me so much already and its so interesting too!! It’s like spring cleaning your body and starting a new life. You’re a special person with a gift for caring and making people alive again. Thank you so much,
Holly x

Dear Borut, Just a note to say thank you so much for everything. I felt terrific during and after my cleansing programme, and continue to enjoy a wonderful feeling of well being and good health. In fact my whole outlook on life has improved as a result of my time under your guidance. You are a kind and gentle man and I look forward to seeing you again. May I take this opportunity to wish you continued good health and happiness. With kind regards,
S.C. Bucks.

Dear Borut. Prior to my first visit to you, I have never before experienced something (colon irrigation) for the first time with so little knowledge, although I now feel like I have had a long, overdue, education. Thanks to you!! It was just like going through one door feeling like ‘something’ and later coming out of the same door feeling like ‘someone’ I now know this is just like a ‘new beginning’ for me. I’m looking forward to my next visit. Once again Borut – Many thanks. Love,
Miss H.H. Slough

Dear Borut, when I saw you last, I wasn’t feeling too well, but my eye problem disappeared as you predicted after two days, and since then I am feeling on top of the world! As soon as I’ve returned home I’ve booked flights and hotel accommodation for 14th March. Please book me for 5 treatments… You are very precious to me and I am sure also to a lot of your other patients. Best regards and good wishes for you and your partner,
F.K.Wien, Austria

Dear Borut, I am writing to thank you so much for the treatment you gave me recently. I was heading for a really nasty cold which would have kept me off work for several days and left me feeling grotty afterwards. As it was, the cold quickly started to retreat and I returned to work on Monday feeling healthy again.

You have given me a lot of help in the past and I am really indebted to you for all the health benefits I have received from your skilled therapy. My energy levels are much increased which in turn help me to have a more positive attitude to my health. It is my good fortune to have discovered such a gifted therapist working locally! Thanks again. With Very Best Wishes,
Elizabeth, London

Dear Borut, Thank you so much for all your help, support & encouragement during this process. I have been moved by your energy, compassion, generosity of spirit and care. With love,